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My Journey Begins With an “I Quit!”


I Quit! Yup, you read that correctly...I Quit!

Okay, the experience was definitely not that dramatic nor did I yell "I Quit!" in wild dramatics (maybe I did a little in the inside), but I did Quit my job today (2 Weeks Notice, same thing). As some of you may have already noticed, yes it is "Psych! Day" better known as "April's Fools Day," but this here man is no fool and there were no psychs to be said. I left my comfy Web Marketing Analyst role at an education software company, here in NYC, to embark on a quest that few ever walk and even fewer succeed at reaching their fairy tale destination. I have an extensive background in Digital Marketing, Web, and Tech (I built this here site you all are currently perusing) and I will tell you why that's important to YOU later on. I quit my job today so that I can begin the journey of becoming a multi-billionaire mogul and philanthropist and I thought you should know, okay?

Here is a little back story for those of you whom I haven't had the opportunity to meet (yet). My name is Malik Mack and I have been planning this day for over 8 years, believe it or not. I went to high school in a fairly populated county in Maryland named, Harford County. There in my 12th grade A.P. English class I was writing a letter to my future self. In this letter I detailed to a "T" how I would take my ivy league degree, move to NYC, save money for a rainy "year" and take the steps to becoming the next P.Diddy. Well ladies and gentlemen, I am at the "...take the steps to becoming the next P.Diddy," stage of said plan detailed in past Malik's eerily sloppy handwriting. Terrible penmanship aside, God has been too good to me. I won't get to preaching on my first post (I will soon enough), but it truly is a blessing to say that I am following my life plan with a smile on my face. Let's get back to today and let's examine why "I Quit! Day" is so important and what it means to my future (and possibly yours too!).

"I forgot to mention, I sometimes have #PettyAttacks and the petty escapes and I can't do anything about it. Now that line up there, wasn't necessary, but the #PettyMonster bit me and that is the residual scar."

I created for you all, yes you! "You" includes: friends, family, new acquaintances, strangers, people I randomly speak to on the subway, my barber, my favorite baristas at the many Starbucks I frequent on 23rd st. and all you wonderful people brought here through my amazing social media and search marketing talents. I am walking on my new path towards being a mogul and I want you all to WALK WITH ME. You read that right, I want to bring you all along on this journey. To be honest I enjoy my alone time but I know that giving you all a behind the scenes peak into this entrepreneurial journey may be the catalyst in helping you get started on your own journey. Now I know we all don't want to be Diddy nor Marcus Lemonis (Where are my "The Profit" fans!?), but I do know that this world is getting more and more expensive (Hello friends with student loan debt) so I want to be the catalyst in the lives of you all whom are looking for that lucrative side hustle or billion dollar startup.

I know what you are thinking "enough talking why the hell am I here and what is in it for me." Well since you asked so nicely, I will be giving you all an all access pass into the "day in the life" moments that I experience, I will be writing articles on being an entrepreneur in NYC and unveiling a lot of NYC resources that will help you all whom are living around these parts. I will also be interviewing people in my life that I think you all should know as they are very talented in their fields and may be a great resource for you. I'm going to do something new here as well, and that will be software, mobile apps, and product reviews that are targeted at us entrepreneurs. I will give my honest opinions on these tools as to not lead you astray. I will also throw my hat into the ring in the world of current events, but will be focused on what they mean to me (and you) as they pertain to entrepreneurship. Lastly, I run an entrepreneur focused informational hub/magazine/podcast called EntrepreNoir and there you will find a lot of "How to" articles that will help you with specific business tasks and strategies, so be sure to check that site out frequently (I'll remind you).

With ALL of that said I want to invite you all on this fantastic voyage with me. I really want you all to feel comfortable on this journey so always feel free to reach out to me on any of my social media channels (links somewhere on this site I haven't finished building it yet) or just jump into the form on the CONTACT page and let me know what's on your mind. I want you all to know that I am doing this for you. So today is a great day. I am leaving behind a great team, cool boss, free cold brew coffee, some great co-workers (Not all of them)... (<---- Yall see that right there?! I forgot to mention, I sometimes have #PettyAttacks and the petty escapes and I can't do anything about it. Now that line up there, wasn't necessary, but the #PettyMonster bit me and that is the residual scar. This may happen once in a while, and you know what, it's okay. I love me and the #PettyMonster gone do what the #PettyMonster gone do. As I was saying) ...and an amazing view of the Hudson River. I appreciate you all joining me on this journey and I look forward to making some amazing memories, making some money, and working to show you all an in depth look at the entrepreneurial lifestyle. Now I've said way too much and I know you are all ready to go about your merry way on the interwebs so I leave you with one last thing, a quote from one of my mentors...

"Make this money / Take this money (Let's get it) / Ain't no way you can take this from me (Let's get it) / Ain't sh*t funny (uh) / Shake it honey (Let's get it) / Take it money  / Now let's get it (Let's get it)" -P.Diddy.

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