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People I Know That You Should Too: Mike Jones


Brief Introduction

My name is Mike Jones and I am from Detroit, MI. I went to Michigan State University where I majored in Accounting and I currently live in NYC.

Why Should Other People Know You

I'm a business man turned actor. I am an actor, voice over actor, improv artist, comedian and comedic writer. My day job is financial services consulting where I focus predominantly on performance improvement.

How long Have You Been Actively Doing Your Craft, Product, or Service?

I've been acting for 2 years now.

Who Inspires You?

Will Smith, Dave Chappelle and Leonardo Dicaprio

What Are You Current Reading/Watching/Listening To?

Reading Zen and the art of Archery and Elon Musk's biography in addition to various acting technique books.

Short Term Goal?

Launch my Web Series

Long Term Goal?

Become a full time professional Actor / Entertainer.

Favorite Quote?

"I did it my way" -Frank Sinatra

Where Can People Find Out More About You?

Website coming soon...:-/

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