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People I Know That You Should Too: Rashida Mark


Brief Introduction?

My name is Rashida Mark and I am from Brooklyn, NY. I went to Penn State for undegrad and did my graduate studies at Drexel. I am currently living in Brooklyn, NY.

Why Should Other People Know You?

People should want to know me because my goal is to help event promoters and curators promote their events to the young professionals of New York City. My website serves as a platform for users to find things to do, but also allows users to leave ratings and reviews of the events they attend. This gives event curators an opportunity to receive real feedback on their events and make improvements if necessary.

How long Have You Been Active?

I started a website promoting events and fun things to do in Philadelphia back in 2014 named I just launched my site for the NY market at in May 2016.

Who Inspires You?

I am inspired by my peers. I make a point to surround myself by people who are smarter than me and are actively working toward pursing their dreams whether that’s being a doctor, lawyer, marketing guru, or financial advisor. I can learn from all of them and their success motivates me to continue to work towards my own goals.

What Are You Current Reading/Watching/Listening To?

I am currently reading “A Random Walk Down Wall Street” by Burton Malkiel

Short Term Goal?

I would like to improve my network and increase brand awareness of The Move NY. I will need to create a social media strategy to attract more followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which I think will significantly increase the amount of traffic my website gets on daily basis.

Long Term Goal? is the primary source for young professionals when searching for things to do. It is also their first source when looking for ratings and reviews on nightlife. I want my site to essentially become the “Yelp” for nightlife.

Favorite Quote?

My favorite quote is actually from my favorite book the Four Agreements stating the 4 rules to a happy life, “1. Be Impeccable with your word, 2. Don’t take anything personally, 3. Don’t make assumptions, 4. Always Do Your Best”

Where Can People Find Out More About You?

People can find out more about me and events in NYC by visiting or following us on Instagram @TheMoveNY or Twitter @themove_NY

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